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Engage and enlighten digital-first students with technology that encourages digital transformation in the lecture hall and across campus.

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Industry Challenge

With students born as digital citizens, higher education institutions are under pressure to deliver  all-digital learning environments. Students want to learn, collaborate, share, and live in ways that are only compatible with institutions that have undergone a meaningful digital transformation. The learning experiences must be highly personalized, self-paced, on-demand, mobile first and fine-tuned for omnichannel delivery.


The dotCMS Solution


Easily create, maintain and secure multiple sites for local branches, students, educators and more.


Realize a tangible return on the time and money invested into dotCMS, before and after your purchase.


Easily deliver accessible digital experiences to all users with dotCMS's best practices and compliance capabilities.


Give control back to your business users with easy NoCode tooling for improved speed and agility in your team.


Take the needs of educators, parent, and students into account and create hyper-personalized experiences that convert.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Achieve your digital marketing ambitions with a best-of-breed digital marketing platform that doesn’t break the bank.


How Junior Achievement Manages 120 Websites with dotCMS

The conventional method is to create multiple sites that each has its own content repository, resources and databases. For a handful of websites, this is manageable, but in the case of Junior Achievement who needed to manage 120 websites, the conventional route leads to content duplication and inconsistent brand messaging.

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Core Features for Higher Education


Leverage all SEO best practices to rank higher in search engines.

APIs & API Tooling

Seamless interoperability with open APIs and LowCode API tooling to build your best-of-breed platform.


Easily ensure content relevance and personalized digital experiences.

Edit Mode Anywhere

Experience undisrupted editor experiences in headless, native, or hybrid environments with preview, inline editing, drag & drop, template editing, and personalization.


The built-in caching offers you substantial performance gains when it comes to storing and accessing data in both the memory and disk cache. In addition, dotCMS supports block caching for optimized performance.


With an API-first CMS that supports both REST and GraphQL, using dotCMS brands can build cross-channel customer journeys and optimize engaging experiences for every touchpoint.

Users love dotCMS on G2

dotCMS allows you to use it in the way you want. You can go from purely headless with APIs to simply hosting all your site(s) in the platform.
Sr Front End Developer | RBC
The flexibility in dotCMS allows us to engineer solutions that meets our business needs.
Sr Web Developer | Aquent

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