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No more down servers and vendor lock. With dotCMS you gain a CMS ready to scale with you.

Performance Report

Content Delivery Network

Deliver instant access and maximum content performance everywhere by integrating dotCMS with an enterprise-grade CDN that will give you global coverage at scale.

J2EE core

The core of our platform is built on rock-solid J2EE frameworks with performance, security, and scalability in both mind and code.

Auto-clustering Servers


Designed for enterprise platform architectures, dotCMS enables users to automatically add servers/nodes to the parts of your publishing architecture where performance matters the most. 

Key Features


All your business-critical applications will run on a resilient infrastructure, completely containerized with 24x7 support and up to 99.98% uptime.

No API-rate Limit

Setting API-rate limits or throttles is for the faint of heart. Unlike our competitors, dotCMS doesn’t restrict your business-critical application from getting the information it needs.


The built-in caching offers you substantial performance gains when it comes to storing and accessing data in both the memory and disk cache. In addition, dotCMS supports block caching for optimized performance.


Deploy dotCMS in containers with our Docker images and use Kubernetes or OpenShift to orchestrate deployment and expand DevOps agility. dotCMS offers Containerization Support to support & maintain your custom Docker images.

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