Feature List

Highlighted features of dotCMS Cloud, dotCMS Enterprise and Community Editions.

  Cloud Enterprise Community
Term Subscription Annual FREE
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Content Types Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Records Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sites/Channels Unlimited Unlimited Limited
Workflows Unlimited Unlimited -

Content Management

Multi-lingual (i18n/UTF-8) Yes Yes Yes
WYSIWYG Editing Yes Yes Yes
Versioning Yes Yes Yes
Device Preview Yes Yes Yes
SEO Tools Yes Yes Yes
Version Compare Yes Yes -
Custom Workflow Yes Yes -
Digital Asset Management Yes Yes -
Image Processing Yes Yes -
TimeMachine/Static Snapshot Yes Yes -
Copy Host Yes Yes -
Form Builder Yes Yes -
Inline Editing Yes Yes -
Red Lining Yes Yes -
Link Checker Yes Yes -
Layout Designer Yes Yes -
Content Type Designer Yes Yes -
Universal Visual Editor (UVE) New Yes Yes -

Content Delivery

Content as a Service (CaaS) Yes Yes Yes
RESTful API Yes Yes Yes
GraphQL Support New Yes Yes Yes
Image API Yes Yes -
Layout as a Service (LaaS) Yes Yes -
Push / Remote Publishing Yes Yes -
Static Publishing to S3 Yes Yes -
Page and Block Caching Yes Yes -
On-Disk Caching Yes Yes -
Redis Caching Yes Yes -
Site Search Yes Yes -
Metadata/Full-Text Searching Yes Yes -

Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

dotCMS Apps (Integration Module) Yes Yes -


Visitor Personas Yes Yes -
Personalization Yes Yes -
Rule Based Targeting Yes Yes -
User Activity Stream Yes Yes -
Content Geolocation Yes Yes -

Developer Tools

RESTful API Yes Yes Yes
GraphQL Support New Yes Yes Yes
WebDav Yes Yes Yes
Plugin Architecture Yes Yes Yes
Spring Support Yes Yes Yes
Sass Compiler Yes Yes Yes
Scripting as a Service (API Builder) New Yes Yes -
OSGI Support Yes Yes -
XML Sitemap Yes Yes -


Dockerized Deployments Yes Yes Yes
Multi-tenant (Multi-site Hosting) Yes Yes Yes
Custom Dashboard / Reporting Yes Yes -
Cluster Auto-scale & Auto-wiring Yes Yes -
High Availability/Clustering Yes Yes -


Active Directory & LDAP Authentication Available Available -
SAML Authentication New Available Available -
OAuth2/OpenId Connect Authentication Available Available -
Pluggable Authentication Available Available -


PostgreSQL Yes Yes Yes
MS SQL - Available -

Services & Support

Setup Support Yes Yes -
Customer Portal Yes Yes -
Support Packages Available Available -
Training Available Available -
Professional Services Available Available -

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