Interoperability & Extensibility

Multichannel Experiences Don’t Come Out of A Single Box

Building a Digital Experience Platform is an integration bonanza. That's why dotCMS enables seamless integration with the best tools to enhance your business. You name it, we integrate with it.

Market Place


dotCMS Apps

We’ve built a centralized app store containing all of your integrations of dotCMS-powered digital marketing and digital commerce tools. The dotCMS app store has NoCode controls for business teams and contains native integrations with Amazon Rekognition, Google Translation, SAML and Edit Mode Anywhere.

OSGI Plugins

OSGI plugins extend the feature-rich core of dotCMS. Build and integrate custom OSGI plugins to enhance your business teams and drive business outcomes.

Create sub-action to automate process


Managing triggers and notifications across your platform requires flexible inbound and outbound webhooks. dotCMS provides you with webhooks out-of-the-box and integrates them with the content management approval workflows.

Key Features

dotCMS gives developers the tools to integrate with and enhance dotCMS. Rest APIs, GraphQL, OSGI, and many many more.


Our REST APIs give you the tools for building high-performing and secure integrations. Developers can leverage our flexible REST APIs for content, layouts, navigation, folders, workflow, permissions, and image processing.

GraphQL APIs

dotCMS also works with GraphQL APIs, allowing for efficient and high performing integrations. By leveraging the speed of GraphQL, we give developers better performance with the same flexibility of REST.

API Builder

The API Builder gives you the tools and the environment to create custom REST endpoints to support your specific interoperability use-cases, all that with LowCode scripting and no Java developer.


Adding widgets to dotCMS gives developers the tools to leverage reusable components. In addition widgets allow developers to combine business logic with internal and external content pulls to drive digital experiences.

Custom Code Fields

dotCMS enables you to build the best editor experience for your business users by creating  your own custom code fields and optimizing the editor process regardless of where the content sits.

Custom Actions

Custom actions can be used to extend workflow actions and to integrate with 3rd party systems through dotCMS plugins.

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