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PRO LOGIQ Labs is a development and solutions agency based and operating in Johannesburg, South Africa. We solve complex business challenges through computer software and hardware, printing consumables, corporate gifts and stationary, CCTV, audio visual, digital marketing, commerce, product and service design, and bespoke consultancy offerings in our agency and group company setting.

Our focus is offering our clients complete solutions that cover the core business requirements and deliver to the best of our abilities. We believe in reducing risk for our clients by conducting a thorough analysis on our client's needs and delivering in such a manner that we build long-term relationships in a bid to help grow both our clients and us holistically.

We have division focused departments that deal with the technical aspects of our solution offerings built by a knowledgeable team and expert partners to alloy our customers to be in the driver seat when delivering our services.

Our Values

  • We want to understand - This is often in relation to getting the bases right, in order to create the correct trajectory for us to deliver on expectations so that we can understand them as best as possible.
  • We think long term - Our solutions are often delivered on the basis that our client wants to solve a long term problem. Our delivery points often cater to making sure that we can make our client's problems manageable in the long run.
  • We really do consider the humans - Our solutions are user-focused. We care about what your customers want.
  • We keep it simple
  • We give constant feedback - Our process involves our clients from ideation to inception. We give honest and concise feedback during that process to keep every step as transparent as possible.

Our Services

  • Specialist Consulting
  • Web and Mobile Application Services
  • E-commerce Development Services
  • Cloud and Infrastructure Solutions
  • Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Enterprise Application Management
  • Business Management Solutions
  • Hardware and Software Supplies
  • Audio Visual and CCTV Services

Our business solutions are tailored for the everyday business. We understand that every business has a unique way and culture in which they encompass as part of their operation, and thus provide solutions to cater for each ned accordingly.

We're passionate about the power of digital, and our collaborative culture helps us deliver flawless execution and create transformative work through multiple industries and disciplines.



+27(0) 87 092 8425

St Andrews Office Park, Block F 0B Meadowbrook Lane Epsom Downs Sandton, 2152