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Stefan Schinkel

With record inflation and escalating energy prices cased by the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the world is entering a period of economic uncertainty. As a global recession looms, many companies are already making budget cuts. CTOs are looking for ways to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs without stalling digital transformation efforts. 

Jonathan Whiteside at our partner agency DEPT has outlined two of the best ways for CTOs to do this: 1) move to the cloud and 2) outsource infrastructure management. If a CMS is the center of your digital transformation, migrating to dotCMS Cloud is one of the best returns on your digital investment. 

But beyond the cloud and infrastructure maintenance costs, your choice of a CMS can have huge implications when it comes to your total cost of ownership (TCO). If you look beyond the simple pricing tables and "free" options on vendor websites, you'll find that the costs of enterprise-scale implementations quickly escalate. Nearly all CMSs impose limits that require extra spend to do what you need to do:

  • Limited functionality (e.g. pure headless CMS)

  • Limited users

  • Limited sites/ domains

  • Limited content types

  • Limited API calls

dotCMS is limitless

Want to use dotCMS headlessly for a single page application? Check! Need to also use it for traditional content publishing on a website? Check! Need a single CMS that can power ALL of your digital experiences across thousands of applications and sites, in any language, with unlimited users, all without additional costs? dotCMS fits the bill. 

Here are all of the ways dotCMS is limitless:

Unlimited applications. Silos in your digital ecosystem are detrimental to the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI). Therefore, dotCMS always includes unlimited websites and applications in our subscription model. Digital transformations cannot succeed with restrictions. Enterprises like Telus (400+), Junior Achievement (270+), and HCA (1500+) acknowledged this already years ago.

Unlimited CMS users. An excellent digital experience is always a team effort on both the creating and receiving end (the masses consuming your content and digital experiences). So why would you want to be restricted by a maximum number of CMS user seats or the number of visitors? It doesn’t make sense to dotCMS, and that’s why CMS user seats and visitors have always been unlimited in any dotCMS subscription.

Unlimited custom workflows. In a large enterprise, specifically those operating in controlled industries, content governance and streamlined content operations (including approvals) are fundamental. The accelerated content velocity, with the right balance of governance, requires dedicated and custom content approval workflows, which quickly add up to several dozen.  Having just one or two static workflows feels like a huge restriction and penalization when building a governance-heavy digital experience platform. Custom workflows, built NoCode, are the norm in regulated industries. Again, dotCMS has always believed that content governance is front and center of content management, and any subscription of dotCMS has unlimited custom workflows.

Unlimited content types. Building omnichannel digital experiences is no joke. Take into account the channels, audiences, and personas, add language and large product catalogs into the mix, and you will soon have many content types to support your information architecture. It is not 1969 when NASA had only 4K bytes of RAM to go to the moon and back. It is 2022, and we have moved on significantly when it comes to computer power and storage at very reasonable prices. It is mind-blowing that restrictions on the number of content types still exist. Unlimited has been the standard here at dotCMS from the very beginning. Combined with relationships and copy content types, this is a powerful capability for any digital experience platform.

Unlimited languages & locales. Digital commerce has grown exponentially, and people are able to buy from vendors around the globe. It is a global village, and consumers expect a personalized experience, starting by being addressed in their own language. Restrictions concerning the number of languages offered on a website will immediately exclude the number of visitors (and buyers) to your website(s). Hence it is unlimited with any dotCMS subscription. 

Unlimited API requests. Successful digital experience platforms will drive tons of traffic. Why would you restrict successful customers by enforcing API throttling or rate limiting? You cannot preach unlimited scalability or have rate limiting in place. dotCMS Cloud doesn’t restrict API calls.

Unlimited Access. dotCMS has been an enterprise-grade open source Content Management System from its inception. This is a crucial enabler for innovation, and innovation is the fuel for digital transformation. Open Source, nothing else, and nothing better.

Unlimited Licensing. We still see many enterprises who prefer to manage the underlying stack of their CMS deployment, and there are still various reasons why it is preferred over running on the public cloud. dotCMS offers this deployment model and unlimited licensing models to cater to large-scale deployments of dotCMS without breaking the bank and while keeping the licensing affordable and predictable, which is desirable from a TCO/ROI perspective.

Now is the time to take a deep look into what you're paying for with your existing CMS(s). It is possible to replatform AND save money through consolidation, cloud hosting and choosing the right CMS that meets all of your needs. This global economic uncertainty will eventually end, as always. Will your company jump ahead of the competition with digital innovation or wait and fall behind?

Image Credit: Photo by mk. s on Unsplash
Stefan Schinkel
Chief Revenue Officer
December 07, 2022

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