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Last Updated: Jul 16, 2019
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

To determine which dotCMS objects (Sites, Folders, Containers, Templates, Pages, etc.), will be accessible to a user, edit the user and select the Permissions tab.

The Permissions tab shows the user Permissions for all objects in the system, including the System Host, individual Sites, and individual folders and objects.


  • The user permissions specify the permissions for an individual user account.
    • Each user also has Permissions assigned based on the Roles assigned to them.
    • The user's Permissions are the most Permissive of both the user Permissions and the Permissions of all Roles they've been assigned.
  • It is recommended that you assign as many permissions as possible through Roles, rather than assigning permissions directly to individual user accounts.
    • In almost all cases it is much easier to manage permissions through Roles.
    • Even if an individual user needs special permissions, those permissions may be assigned to a Role, and that Role may be assigned to only that user (and that Role can then later be easily assigned to a different user if needed).

Single Site or Folder

To assign a user Permissions for a Site or a specific folder:

  1. Select the Site or folder from the Add Host/Folder drop down box.
  2. Press the Add button.
  3. Assign the rights for each object type.
  4. Press the Apply Changes button.

User Permission Tab Add Directory

Permission on Specific Host and Directory

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