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Last Updated: Aug 9, 2021
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Add advanced template

Selecting Templates from the Site tool group opens a Template listing page where users can view, edit, search for, create and design Templates (see figure below). Click on “Add Template” to add a new template to the website. The Templates page provides search filters by Host or by keyword search, which returns a paginated listing of templates.

Add a template designer

The Templates search results display in four columns:

  • Status - displays “Live” for published templates and is empty for templates that are saved or in working status.
  • Title - displays the title of the template and an icon to determine if the template was created manually or using the template designer.
  • Description - template description.
  • Mod. Date - displays the date and time of the last modification of the template.

Copy, Edit, or Change Status on a Template

In the search results area a left click on a Template title will open the Template Properties window, while a right-click on a title will produce a menu list that allows users to:

  • Edit - Edit the name, change host, add a thumbnail, change the template code, etc.
  • Copy - create a duplicate of the template that differs only by it's unique identity
  • *Publish/Unpublish/Archive - activate, deactivate, and delete settings on the template. Caution: Templates are re-usable by multiple HTML pages. Before unpublishing a template, make sure that no live HTML pages are currently parsing the template you wish to unpublish.

*Some menu options are dynamic, based upon the current template status.

For more detailed information, please see the documentation section on Templates.

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