Push Publishing Workflow Actions

Last Updated: Aug 12, 2019
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You may add a Push Publishing Sub-action inside a Workflow Scheme that can be utilized in Push Publishing content as a part of the natural workflow.

There are two different Sub-Actions that can be used for Push Publishing: Push Publish and Push Now.

The Push Now Sub-Action gives the user executing the Workflow Action more control over the push publishing process. The Push Now Sub-Action allows you as a developer or administrator to exercise more control over the push publishing process. Which Sub-Action you use will depend upon your needs, including both the purpose of the Workflow Action and which Roles or users have rights to perform the Action.

The Push Publish Sub-Action

The Push Publish Sub-Action push publishes content, allowing the user who executes the Workflow Action to choose how to perform the push. This Sub-Action opens a popup with selection for all the normal Push Publish options (selecting the Environment(s) to push to, choosing whether to push for Publish or Delete, Force Push, etc.).

For more information on the options in the Push Publish popup window (and thus the options presented to the user taking the Action), please see the Push Publishing Content documentation.

The Push Now Sub-Action

The Push Now Sub-Action configures the Workflow action to perform a Push Publish to specific Publishing Environments and with a specified value for the Force Push option.

Note: Pushing Workflows to an Endpoint

A Workflow is automatically Pushed to a Dynamic Endpoint only when a Content Type associated with the Workflow is Pushed, because the Workflow is part of the Content Type dependencies.

For more information, please see the Push Publishing Dependencies documentation.

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