Live Mode (Legacy)

Last Updated: May 9, 2024
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Note: The Page Viewing Modes of yesterday have been superseded by the Universal Visual Editor, which unifies the traditional page-editing tools with the ability to perform in-context editing headlessly, likewise superseding Edit Mode Anywhere.

Live Mode, the third and simplest of the trio of Page viewing modes, displays a Page asset as of its last publishing — i.e., the version of the page visible to end users at present. Live Mode distinguishes itself from simply visiting the page “in the wild” by the suite of tools available across the three Page viewing modes.

Screenshot of the top of the Live Mode window.


Clicking the Live tab within any Page viewing mode will take you to Live Mode.

As with Edit Mode and Preview Mode, Live Mode allows you to simulate a Page as viewed across different devices, languages, or personalizations, where applicable. For more information on these and more common features — such as locking a Page for editing — see Page Viewing Modes.

Unlike Edit Mode and Preview Mode, Live Mode never displays draft content, and always shows only the last published version of a Page.

It shares with Preview Mode the omission of the additional Edit Mode interface elements, to faithfully depict the Page as it appears to end users.

If you have published your Page but you are still having problems viewing the content on the Page in Live Mode, you may need to review that permissions on the content were set properly. For more information, see Content Permissions.

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