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Last Updated: Jun 24, 2020
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

dotCMS is built from an open source code base that is actively developed and managed by both dotCMS and dotCMS users and partners around the world. All features of the dotCMS Community Edition are included in the open source code. Features which are exclusive to dotCMS Enterprise Edition are maintained in a separate private repository; access to some or all of the Enterprise source code may be granted to customers and partners upon special request.

Code Repositories

dotCMS maintains multiple respositories in Github. The following is a list of the main code repositories dotCMS maintains, including links to access each repository.

dotCMS Github Home root of all dotCMS repositories on Github. Includes both public and private repositories. While may of these repositories are actively supported, some repositories are inactive and no longer supported, being maintained for historical purposes only.
dotCMS Core core dotCMS code base, including all underlying architecture and Community Edition features.
dotCMS UI for dotCMS back-end UI code.
Sample Plugins plugins that can be used as starting points to create your own plugins to extend dotCMS with custom functionality.

Reference Implementations

The following reference implementations and live servers are available to evaluate dotCMS and, in some cases, test custom code and plugins.

dotCMS Demo SiteThe dotCMS Demo server. Runs 24 hours a day, but is automatically reset (wiping out all changes) twice a day, at approximately 12:30am and 12:30pm EST.
Docker Examples implementations for running dotCMS in Docker containers (in multiple configurations, from a single integrated container to a full-stack implementation using multiple connected containers).
Kubernetes Demo ImplementationFully functional demo implementation of dotCMS in Kubernetes.

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