Using Zapier to Connect dotCMS to Your Technology Ecosystem

Victoria Burt

Your CMS is a central part of your tech stack, and because of this, there are other systems that you use that you may want to connect to, but you don’t necessarily have the development resources to do so. This is where the dotCMS and Zapier integration comes in! 

Zapier is an integration platform that allows you to share data and create workflows between applications without writing a single line of code. Using Zapiers simple workflow builder, you can easily connect dotCMS to all the other apps available on the Zapier marketplace (there are thousands!).

The Zapier integration is helpful for marketing and content teams who want to create workflows, but don't necessarily have the development resources to do so, or for developers who are looking for a quick way to integrate their CMS into other apps.

With dotCMS + Zapier, you can move content from outside dotCMS into dotCMS or move content from dotCMS into third-party systems. Here are some examples of how this works:

Moving data into dotCMS from another application

If you start a new Google doc with content that you want to add to dotCMS, when you place it in a specific folder upon completion, it will automatically be added to dotCMS as a piece of content. 

Moving data from dotCMS into another application

If you have a form in dotCMS that is gathering information such as contact details, that form data once submitted, can be automatically added as a contact in Salesforce.

The possibilities of the kinds of integrations and workflows you can build with dotCMS and Zapier are virtually endless. The Zapier plug-in is available now on all Enterprise plans. Check out our documentation and get started using the integration on the Zapier Marketplace.

Victoria Burt
Director of Product Marketing
June 28, 2023

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