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Tagged: "velocity"

Getting all the content objects on a page

Created: Jun 24, 2014

We have been asked repeatedly how to get a list of all the content objects that have been placed on a page by a content editor.

Parsing a JSON String using Jquery and Velocity

Author: Dotcms | Created: May 08, 2012

If you have a field on a content type that stores a JSON string, you can parse the string using a combination of Velocity and JQuery.

Using Velocity as a REST Endpont

Created: Aug 12, 2018

In the course of business, it is inevitable that you might require a custom REST endpoint that delivers content in a particular format or even to deliver...

Using AND and OR to pull content by Categories

Author: Dotcms | Created: May 22, 2012

When pulling content by categories sometimes you need to match categories using an AND, or an OR or sometimes a combination of both.